From 1975 to the present...

Öncüller is the first name you will came across when you look at the the history of marmalade with its history of more than 45 years. In 1975, in the Merzifon district of Amasya, the adventure of the Öncüller started with rosehip marmalade cooked in traditional cauldrons and wood fire, as produced by all the local people.The rosehip marmalade made in that period has survived until today after being carried from public markets. Having started to take its place in the international market, Öncüller brand continues to produce products of the same naturalness and quality. Our small businesses that meet the growing demand for integrated every year in organized industrial zones in 2020 at a plant making better quality and production in Turkey and abroad are quickly target to meet its needs.

Preparing its place in the international market, Öncüller aims to popularize local and historical flavors abroad.

Öncüller’s innovative and dynamic structures in the areas where it operates has become one of Turkey’s most trusted brand.

Working with the most natural form of the fruits collected from the mountains and always pursuing the naturalness and the best, applying sensitive quality control methods at every stage of production, Öncüller moves meticulously and confidently to the future as much as the past.